Make a Difference forever.

The Fund for Wellesley was created as an endowed fund in celebration of Wellesley’s 125th birthday. Its establishment continues Wellesley’s long tradition of leadership in philanthropic engagement and stewardship of the Town. 

By making a contribution to The Fund for Wellesley, you are helping to build an endowment that strengthens the community, creating pride of place among residents today and for years to come. Make a donation to The Fund for Wellesley today.

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The Stewards Program

Back in 2008, a small group of citizens with a love of community came together to establish a fund of lasting importance for Wellesley.  With the support of 133 individuals, families and businesses — our “Founders” — we launched The Fund for Wellesley.

Now, after eight years, we are happy to report that thanks in large part to our Founders, The Fund has established itself as an important source of community philanthropy and a catalyst for new ideas to keep our community strong.

But, there is more we can do, and that is why we are launching a new program to sustain our work. The Stewards of The Fund for Wellesley will provide the capital to enable The Fund to continue addressing the opportunities and needs we see here in Wellesley today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Contributors of $5,000 or more qualify as Stewards of The Fund for Wellesley.  Stewards may pledge and complete their gifts over a five year period.

challenge match

Thanks to a generous donor and Founder of The Fund for Wellesley, we will be able to match all gifts (including pledges) given to The Fund for Wellesley until June 30, 2017, up to a total of $50,000.

YoutH in philanthropy parent match

We are excited to introduce parents of youth who participate in the Youth in Philanthropy program in Wellesley to The Fund and all the work we are doing in our community.

Thanks to additional generous donors, we are able to match gifts of up to $1,000 that are given by Youth in Philanthropy parents.   This match is on top of the Challenge Match described above.


Thank you for supporting The Fund for Wellesley!