FOUNDERS, Stewards, and change makers

At the start of the Fund for Wellesley, the original founders of the plan sought 125 other “founders” to help ground the endowment. We are grateful to our Founding Members, and to our Steward Members, for their support of our mission. Their early commitment expanded our opportunities to make an impact in the community.

After ten years, and in large part with thanks to our 141 Founders and Stewards of The Fund for Wellesley, we have successfully established an important source of community philanthropy and catalyst for new ideas to keep our community strong. 

As we turn towards the opportunities of the future, we are starting a new program of sustainable funding for our Wellesley Youth in Philanthropy. We invite individuals, families, and businesses who are passionate about empowering and educating Wellesley youth to become our community’s next generation of philanthropists and civic leaders to help us sustain this vital program by becoming a Change Maker today!

Change Makers of The Fund for Wellesley will provide the capital to enable The Fund to create a permanent financial resource to run our Wellesley Youth in Philanthropy today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Contributors of $5,000 or more qualify as Change Makers of The Fund for Wellesley. Change Makers may pledge and complete their gifts over a five year period.  For additional information visit Make a Donation.




Change Makers


Tracy & Ken Accardi

Karin & Peiman Mahdavi

Val & Steven Buller

Katherine L. Babson, Jr.

Marsha & Patrick Ahearn

Janet & David Mannheim

Mason Smith & Gordon Green

Louis & Hope Crosier

Femina & Ejaz Ali

Karen B. & Brian Mariscal

Helen & Raymond Hamel, Jr.

Helen & Neal Goins

Marlene Allen

Peter McAvinn

Phil & Dottie Laughlin

Brian & Susan Kavoogian

Angelika Angino

Sheila Gunn McCormack

Susan Hurwitz & Miguel Lessing

Stephen & Laurel Lyle

Heidi & Richard Angle

Lou & Peg Metzger

Kathleen & Thomas F. Skelly

Oechsle Family Foundation

Amy Axelrod & Jeff Struzenski

Middlesex Savings Bank

Andrea & Thomas Ward

Peter & Jackie Segall

Babson College

Carol & Greg Mills

Robert Glowacky & Janney Wilson

Tripp & Betsy Sheehan

Katherine Babson

Catherine & Christopher Milton


Ellen & Ram Subramaniam

Darcey & Chris Bartel

Jeff & Patty Mitchell


Susan & Sam Tillinghast

Betsy & Karl Baumann

Jack & Linda Morgan


Jessica & Peter Walter

Susan Berry & Brian Moynihan

Kristin & Steve Mugford



Amita & Samir Bhatt

Lauren & David Murphy



Barbara & Ted Bloom

Maura Murphy & Michael Racette


Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

Beth & Bill Nast


Helen & Norm Boucher

North Hill


Maureen & Edward Bousa

Christine Oliver & Robert Hale


Jane Brock-Wilson

Kim & Ernie Parizeau


Brookline Bank

Caren & Randy Parker


Valerie & Steven Buller

Priscilla & Tony Parker


Captain Marden's Seafoods

Janet & John Pattillo


Chrissy Cassa

Wendy & Jim Paul


John & Linda Kondo Chapman

The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation


Jeffrey Choney & Pamela Dippel Choney

Alice & Tom Peisch



People's United Bank


Jim & Donna Conlin

Pinnacle Residential Properties, LLC


Laurie & Brian Conroy

Ilissa & Lon Povich


Sarah & Robert Croce

Elizabeth & David Powell


Hope & Louis Crosier

Mary & John Power


Custom Designs, Inc.

Burkey & Stan Pratt


Laura & Simon Davidson

Patti Quigley


Judith & Kevin Donnelly

Shannon & Derek Redgate


Pamela & David Donohue

Albert S. Robinson


Susan & John Doran

Michelle & Richard Rosmarin


Eagle Investment Systems

Rutledge Properties


Becky & Bruce Epstein

Susan & Matthew Ryan


Virginia Ferko & Mark Cohen

Judy & Tony Salerno


First Financial Trust

Peter & Nancy Saperstone


First Republic Bank

Rhoda & John Schwarz


Trina & Thorp Foster

Barbara Searle


Maria & Hawk Furman

Susan & Jerry Slavet


Ellen Gordon

Lynne & Gary Smith


Madeleine Grant

Jennifer & Tom Snyder


Rowie Gray

Lynda Sperry & Bill Wiberg


Wendy Haering

Joanne & Richard Spillane


Hammond Residential

Helen & Edward Stewart


Janeen & Steven Hansen

Eileen & James Stokes


Arnold & Carol Haynes

Judy Swahnberg & Carl Novotny


Haynes Management, Inc.

Kathan Tracy


Terry & Mike Hluchyj

Susan & Leo Troy


Laura & Bob Hockett

Terri Tsagaris & Wayne Bennett


Elizabeth & Francis Hunnewell

Jessica & Peter Walter


Susan Hurwitz & Miguel Lessing

Harriet Warshaw


John & Patricia Isley

Wellesley Bank


Sandy Joseph

Wellesley College


Lucy & John Kapples

Wellesley Gentlemen's Society


Kathy & John Kaufmann

Wellesley/Walnut Street LLC


Susan & Brian Kavoogian

Karen & Bob White


Betsy & Rusty Kellogg

Nancy & Bill Whitney


Kate Kellogg & Randy Peeler

Laura & William Wilson


Dona & Michael Kemp

J. David Wimberly


Chris & Ruth Keyes

Sue Wright


Susan & Julian Lange

Mike & Debbi Young


Alan & Ellen Ledley Korpi

Mariann & Andy Youniss


Dottie & Phil Laughlin



Michele & David Livingston


Lower Falls Wine Co.


Laurel & Stephen Lyle